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Pokemon Daily and You

Guidelines and Rules
Guidelines/FAQ (to be updated soon! - our apologizes for the broken link)

Want to join?
Read the following rules BEFORE requesting to join:

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Please use the Join our Group button located at the top to apply.

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Link to at least 3 Pokemon related deviations for review in the comment section of the join request. If you do not submit pokemon related artwork for review, your join request will be automatically rejected

(please do not send thumbnails; links are fine). If your application is rejected*, there will be a 4 month waiting period before you can reapply.

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: We will also provide reasons/critique if requested.

DO NOT leave a comment on the front page regarding join requests, because it WILL NOT be answered.

Want to Submit Art?
Read the following rules BEFORE submitting work to us:

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Gallery submissions should be a polished piece of Pokemon Fanart that you could happily show family members and friends without shame on Quality, Subject Matter and Critique.

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: At the moment, we accept all of the following mediums: Digital/Traditional artwork, Comics/Flash, Artisan Crafts (including cosplay)**

:bulletgreen: Yes, we do accept cross overs! Please bare in mind, the pokemon MUST be the main theme in the image. Example: Pikachu in a link costume, this would be accepted. However; link with a pokeball and Ash Ketchum's hat would not be acceptable.

>> We do not accept:

:bulletred: Unfinished, Copied [via Stamps, Memes, Bases or Traces], Plagiarized Pieces will be denied. No questions asked.

:bulletred: Fakemon, Anthros and Gijinkas will also be denied (Though we DO allow Pokemon crossbreeds/fusions/variants, check out our specifics for what we will accept here:

:bulletred: Must be an Original piece, using references is ok as long as you don't blatantly copy Official Art/Fanart.

:bulletred: Any hint of Sexualized, Fetishist, Vulgar, or Risque pieces will be denied. No questions asked.

:bulletred:Trainers that are not canon without pokemon, trainers are only accepted if they have pokemon featured with them.

:bulletred: Literature

:bulletred: Advertisements

:bulletred: Screen shots, shiny pokemon or not.

Keep in mind you do not need to be a member
if you simply want to watch the group.

*Note that a 2 week waiting period will be put into effect if you send in a member application with no artwork and get auto-rejected.
**Our standards for acceptable cosplay are a bit higher than the art standards, as we take both photo quality and costume quality into consideration.

For the longest time those of us currently modding for PKMNDaily have been strictly sticking to the rules and regulations set forth by the original group founders! However, we notice every day that the fandom grows ever more creative and continues to wow us! With so many new ideas and cool things added into the pokemon world, we know we need to move WITH it, or get left behind! We certainly don't want the latter! So we will be revising and revisiting some rules we've had here since the founding of the group and adding some amendments as well! If any of you guys have some additional suggestions for us, PLEASE let us know! We do appreciate and encourage your feedback always! 

Fusions, variants and crosses oh my! 

Before any confusion sets in we want to go ahead and make a statement; we will continue to say "No fakemon". While we appreciate some of the immaculate fan made pokes out there (hello pokemon sage, oh how I love you so), we are a "Fan art" group. However; we ARE implementing some new folders and some new topics to the group! I know the suspense is killing you so we'll get too it! Everyone's idea of what a cross/fusion/variant is can vary person to person. So here are our definitions of the following + what we will accept into our group!

Crossbreeds / Fusions of 2 or More Pokemon
A crossbreed would be a MIX of two (or more) existing official pokemon or mega pokemon. Crosses combine them in such a way that you know what two pokemon (or more) are present and it's tastefully done. The "Pokemon Sprite fusions" meme falls into this category. The most important thing that we will look for in these is that the features of the Pokemon in the crossbreed/fusion/variant are there - We will not accept fusions that do not obviously have the traits of the Pokemon used in the fusion.

Here are some examples of what we would consider a crossbreed/fusion:
FUSION TIME by vaporotem Tyrantrum Crossbreed by darksilvaniaPokemon Crossbreeds: Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos by cocoaferret maractus variations by extyrannomon

Pokemon Variations:
These are less about fusing Pokemon together and more about the possibilities of what could naturally occur in a single Pokemon. Some examples of this are the variation in the patterning of a Pokemon, varying the anatomy of a Pokemon to fit a different climate, changing the plant inspiration of the Pokemon (like using a different kind of mushroom on the back of a Paras), and many more! The idea of this is "what if this Pokemon evolved differently, what if it lived in a different area or a different climate?" A great canon example of this are the East and West Shellos and how their designs have taken on different forms based on where they are located:…

Here are some examples of what we would consider a Pokemon variant:
Pokemon Variants 5 by WendyMartinTogekiss Variations by CoryKatze comm - Roggenrola Variations by CoryKatze Poochyena Variations by PrincessHarumi


You can now submit Pokemon fanart to our group that follows the above examples / our definitions of what a Pokemon crossbreed/fusion/variant is! They will only be accepted if they are placed in the correct folder - the Fusion and Variants folder, located here:… We will not be accepting individual fusion/variant Pokemon to our other group folders, so please do submit them to the correct folder! And since this is a quality-based group, we will still be judging your submissions based on the creativity and skill put into your artworks when you are submitting the group (as well as making sure that they follow what we consider to be a fusion/variant!) 

- Whitefeathur + OrcaOwl
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Ink--It Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
In the rules for joining it mentions that at least 3 Pokemon-related pieces should be linked. Just to clarify, does this mean you can link more than 3?
OrcaOwl Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
We judge based on all of them, so I'd probably reccomend just submitting your best 3 pieces, but if you have more than 3 that you think are really good and showcase your skills well feel free to add more than 3. 
Ink--It Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Thank you for clarifying. I will keep that in mind.
gamefan5 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for declining. (And no, it's not even sarcasm!). 
I see the kind of art in here, hahaha, I still got a long way. :)
OrcaOwl Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Your work is pretty good, it was a tough choice! Feel free to resubmit when you've got new stuff! Keep in mind too that we do not accept works that have large watermarks on them that interfere with the art also!
gamefan5 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh, thank you, thank you!!! :D I will.
ChatterFox Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Just curious, but would you accept pokemon fusion pieces? Of two canon pokemon "fused" together, or would that fall under fakemon?
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